Institution Subscriptions

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For schools or whole districts to buy for their students and teachers.

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What does it cost, and how does it work?

When purchasing subscriptions as a school or district, the quantity and level of subscriptions you'll need is based on your number of 'secondary users' per 'primary user'. 

In other words, how many teachers do you have (quantity of subscriptions), and how many students do they each have (level of subscription)?

For example, if you are purchasing for 10 teachers and

🎵 🍎  5 teachers (quantity) have no more than 25 students (subscription level);

🎵 🍎  5 teachers have no more than 10 students:

You'd want 5 copies of the Institution "Small" plan, and 5 copies of the Institution "Very Small" plan.  

If you don't quite know the division of students to teachers, or else you just have a very large school, the Institution "Flexible" plan is for you.  Learn more.

What EXACTLY is the difference between 'Primary' and 'Secondary' Users?

Primary users are your teachers and they can create:

⭐⭐  projects with more than 3 parts,

⭐⭐  "Practice Rooms",

⭐⭐  projects that use the Audio Repertoire Library. 

Secondary users have access to the full version of CL, meaning that they can ACCESS all kinds of projects shared with them.  However, secondary users

⭐  cannot create projects with more than 3 parts, 

⭐  cannot create "Practice Rooms", 

⭐  cannot create projects that use the Audio Repertoire Library.

Secondary users are normally students.


Institution Subscriptions

Check the VERY IMPORTANT PURCHASING INSTRUCTIONS to ensure you understand how to access and manage your subscription.

Confused about what plan size you need?  Scroll down a bit further for some pricing examples.

Institution FLEXIBLE Plan


Up to 50 primary and 500 secondary** users.


Institution VERY SMALL Plan


Up to 10 secondary* users.


Institution SMALL Plan


Up to 25 secondary* users.


Institution MEDIUM Plan


Up to 50 secondary* users.


Institution LARGE Plan


Up to 75 secondary* users.


Institution VERY LARGE Plan


Up to 100 secondary* users.


Institution JUMBO Plan


Up to 125 secondary* users.


Tell me more about the FLEXIBLE plan.

The FLEXIBLE Plan is for institutions that want licensing to cover many or all of their teachers and students, and may or may not already know exactly how licensing will be divided between students and teachers.

This plan includes a total of 550 licenses; 50 primary licenses, and 500 secondary licenses (what does 'primary' and 'secondary' mean?).  As an administrator, you will be able to confer licensing to 50 primary users.  Each primary user will then be able to confer licensing to up to 10 secondary users.

In the case that you have a primary user that will need more than 10 secondaries, you can confer a 2nd primary license so that primary user would then have 20 secondary licenses to confer.

For example:

🎵 🍎 Teacher A has 10 students.  Teacher A will need 1 of your 50 available primary licenses because 1 license=10 students.
🎵 🍎 Teacher B has 20 students.  Teacher B will need 2 of your 49 remaining primary licenses. 🎵


My schools are even bigger than that!

If 50 primaries and 500 secondaries is not enough to cover your whole institution, you may purchase multiple copies of this plan to scale up in blocks of 50 primaries and 500 secondaries. 

In other words, purchasing 2 copies of the FLEXIBLE plan will allow you 100 primaries and 1,000 secondaries, 3 copies will allow 150 primaries and 1,500 secondaries, etc. 

If you need to scale up from one FLEXIBLE plan, but not so much as by multiples of the same, you can combine with other Institution subscriptions.

*all subscriptions (except the FLEXIBLE plan**) are for one primary user.  The primary user will be the teacher for whom you are purchasing a subscription.  If you want to purchase for multiple teachers, you will buy multiple copies of a subscription. 

**One FLEXIBLE plan subscription provies licensing for 50 primaries. Read more about the FLEXIBLE plan.

Different subscription levels cover different amounts of secondary users.  What is the difference between primary and secondary users?