4 Reasons Why Online Choir is a Music Teacher's Best New Teaching Tool

Easy and fast to make, a virtual choir project will instantly level up your ensemble.

What's better than having a great rehearsal and sending your students home with notes to practice?  Having a great rehearsal and sending them home with an online choir! 

The online choir models pitch, blend, and rhythm, so that students have a clear reference for accuracy, even while practicing at home. 

Now that your students have their choir on-call for their practice, imagine all the time you'll save on drilling in rehearsal!  Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself - here are your 4 reasons online choir is your next secret sauce:

Using an online choir, your students will:

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1. Sing more in tune

It's one thing to be able to plunk out your own part on the piano and match pitch, but you'd get to a whole other level if you could hear the bass part while singing your soprano line.  Or isolate the alto and tenor to record along with, and then check yourself on playback with the reference soprano track.  Or any other combination of listening!  Online choir can be an interactive and dynamic learning tool your students can use to address their EXACT practice needs.

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2. Sing more in rhythm

Remember that time when you practiced on your own, dutifully preparing your part, only to come to the first rehearsal and get totally thrown off by kooky rhythms in the other parts??  Luckily, you can save your students from this same fate.  Rhythmically challenging spots have to get drilled over and over, and, with an online choir, students can do this at their own pace.

3. Learn how to use a metronome

Metronomes are HARD for young musicians to understand.  The best way to teach them how to properly use a metronome is to use it correctly over and over, but how to ensure they are correctly using the metronome during their at-home practice??  Online choirs to the rescue!  The metronome can continue clicking throughout playback so your students can hear over and over (do you see a pattern here?) their part rhythmically modeled with the metronome.

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4. Strengthen their critical listening 

Listening is any musicians' most important skill, but man, is that ever a doozy of a skill to develop!  Recording yourself and listening back is good training.  One better?  Recording yourself in your online choir and listening back to how you sound individually AND how you sound in the group!  

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