If you want to help your students excel in their ensembles, you've come to the right place.

What even is a 'rehearsal app' anyway?

When students practice with their ensemble at home, they:

⭐ ⭐  rehearse at their own pace;
⭐ ⭐  learn and drill tricky rhythms and notes;
⭐ ⭐  get comfortable playing with others;
🤘🏽🤘🏽 feel super confident for their next in-person rehearsal!
Screenshot of a small virtual choir singing ode to joy

Rehearse at Home

Record directly into the app alongside peers, and Cyborg Llama knits auto-synced videos together into a classic virtual 'choir' format. 

Super-charge your next in-person rehearsal and share the project with students!  They now have their own ensemble to continue practicing with while at home.  

Isolate Difficult Passages

Buckle down and focus on the toughest parts by segmenting a piece into practice "Passages". 

Option to reduce or increase tempo (without affecting pitch, of course!).

Young musicians practicing violin using a music practice app
Screenshot from Cyborg Llama showing the select practice room screen

Share Repertoire in 'Practice Rooms'

Store projects and re-share them with as many students as you want!

Anything from "Twinkle" with a teacher play-along and duet track, to a piano reduction of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, to the full Corelli Christmas Concerto.

Sharing projects allows different groups of students to record in your project privately on their own, or with peers.

Make Practice Assignments

Assign a specific section of a piece.  Students record, save, and send a link back to you for review or comments!

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A wise cyborg llama sitting and playing accordion

Audio Library

Prepare for a piano rehearsal with our growing library of piano parts to instrumental and vocal repertoire, recorded by professional pianists.  

We're building our library now!  Give us a suggestion, and we'll see if we can get it recorded for you.  Submit a request here.

Flexible Workflow

Use an automated metronome, upload a piano audio track, create a custom click-track in-app, or record a conductor track.

Easily switch between "reference/seed track" view, and the collaborative workspace.

Mute/Solo other parts of the ensemble while recording or listening back.

Record at your convenience.

Music teacher recording harmony part of a violin duet to share with their student online
A Cyborg Llama stands next to their Honda motorcycle on their way to their orchestra rehearsal

ClickTrack Maker

Easily create a clicktrack with changing tempos and meters, ritards and accelerandos, repeats, fermatas, and more, using only a few buttons!

Don't believe it's that easy?  Check it out!

Use your clicktrack in Cyborg Llama, or export as a .WAV file.

Export Videos Individually

Ensembles that want the experience of recording alongside one another, but also intend to do video/audio editing in an external editor, can export their videos individually before uploading them (pre-synced) into a video editor.

A huge cyborg llama head covers the skyline while a woman holding a violin walks into the distance