Most technical problems you may encounter in Cyborg Llama will be solved by one of the following:

  • re-calibrating your microphone;

  • wearing wired headphones;

  • giving permission to your browser to access your camera/mic at BOTH the browser and OS levels;

  • using a recent version of your browser (check Firefox; check Chrome);

  • using only the Chrome browser if you are working from a Chromebook;

  • plugging your machine into a power source (vs using battery power);

  • restarting your browser;

  • restarting your computer.

otherwise, specific common trouble-scenarios below:

Getting Started
Metronome and Ensemble-Syncing Problems
Recording and Saving Problems
Error Messages

I'm trying to access CL for the first time, but I keep getting stuck in an 'authorization' loop.

You may get stuck in a loop where Cyborg Llama keeps asking for authorization if your browser is having trouble figuring out what google account you're logged into.  You can try:

  1. Clear your browser's cookies (see tutorial how to do this in Firefox below); THEN

  2. Open a separate tab in your browser and log into the google account you use with CL; THEN 

  3. Re-attempt to access CL.

I need to log in to a different account.

If you would like to be logged into a different google account to connect to CL, you can click the current user account listed on the bottom strip on the app (screenshot below).  Clicking this button will log out of your google account, and will prompt you to log back in with the account you want.

If this log out/log in button does not work for you, you will need to clear your browser cache.  How to do this is in the tutorial below:

I can't see projects that have been shared with me.

First check with your project host to verify with which google account address the folders have been shared.  Make sure that you are logged into the google account with which the project has been shared.  You can easily tell which google account you're logged into by checking the 'user' listed on the bottom strip of your CL homepage:


If you discover you're logged into an account that the projects have not been shared with, you will need to log out and log back in with the correct account.  For directions how to do this, see above ("I need to log out")


I have been given licensing to use the full version of CL as a secondary user, but my homepage still says I'm using the "Free" version.

Please know that it may take up to 1 hour for licensing to be granted once your project creator/primary user has made the request on your behalf.  If it has been longer than 1 hour, follow the directions above to make sure you are 1. logged into the correct google account, and, if not, 2. how to log out and log back in to the correct account.

I See the Project I Want to Work on, Click the Project Title, But There is No Way For Me to Get Into the Project to Work.

If there is no button besides "Assemble" on your "Select Group" page (see screenshot below), this is because your project creator has accidentally left you unassigned to a group.  You will need to get in touch with them to assign you to a group.  Once the group has been assigned, you will see a new button with your group name that you will click through to open the project to work.


Why am I not with the metronome and/or the reference tracks when I listen back?

If you were certain you were playing with the metronome/reference tracks while recording, but you don't sound 'together' when you play back your recording, you may need to recalibrate your microphone.  Learn how to do this in the "Calibration Tutorial" on the tutorials page.

If the problem persists, double check you are using WIRED headphones (wireless headphones will not reliably work).

If the problem persists, close all other applications (especially other high-processing programs like Zoom, Google Meets, movie-editing software, etc) AND browser tabs (especially sites that play media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Netflix, etc)  so that Cyborg Llama is the ONLY application open.

If the problem persists, plug your device into a power source.

If the problem persists and you are using a Windows machine, try installing ASIO4ALL, which is a sound driver that improves latency problems, especially when you are using your internal mic to record (vs an external mic). 

If the problem persists, completely close and restart your browser.

If the problem persists, please submit a problem report on the Cyborg Llama app homepage.


I’ve recorded but there is no sound/video, or there is some other problem with the sound/video.

If there is no sound/video on your recording, this is because either or both your camera/mic were denied permission at either the browser or operating system level. 


To learn how to check permission to your camera/mic at the browser level, depending on your browser and OS, you can google "how to give permission to camera and microphone in [Firefox/Chrome] on [Windows/Mac/Chromebook]".

To learn how to check permission to your camera/mic at the operating system level, depending on your machine, you can google "how to give permission to camera and microphone on [Windows 7/10/etc/Mac/Chromebook]"

If enabling permissions for your camera/mic does not solve your sound/video problem, there may be a problem with your hardware (camera or mic).  There are many websites where you can check how your camera and mic are working.  Make sure to run these tests in the same browser you using for Cyborg Llama, AND that you run the tests on the same camera and mic you are using for CL.  Cyborg Llama does not interact with video/audio processing.  You will need to troubleshoot hardware problems with the products’ manufacturer. 



We are aware of a particular problem with the Firefox browser mis-remembering your settings, and occasionally denying permission to your camera/microphone without your knowledge.  The below is a walk-through specific to resetting Firefox's memory of your browser camera/microphone permission settings:


There is "popping"/"clicking" in my recorded audio.

"Popping"/"clicking" may appear if your machine is not able to keep up with the recording speed.  What happens is your machine starts 'tripping' over a recorded audio stream that is moving too quickly for it to process; the clicks and pops are bits of old audio that show up throughout the recording.


Before anything else, try closing all other applications and plugging your device into a power source; these two things will reduce the processing burden on your machine and may give it the extra boost it needs to keep up with the recording speed.

If there are still clicks and pops in your recorded audio, you will need to increase your buffer size.  The buffer size is the amount of time your machine allows to process audio of your sound card or audio interface.  Especially if you are using an external mic or preamp, these devices will often times default to a very small buffer size.  This is not necessarily bad, but if the default buffer size is too small, your computer might not be able to keep up.

How to increase the buffer size will differ according to the equipment you're using.  We recommend googling "how to increase buffer size [make and model of your external mic/sound card/preamp]". 


How big should your buffer size be?  It will depend on your device setup, and you may need to guess and check what is the right buffer size for your setup specifically with Cyborg Llama.  For reference, 128 samples is a very small buffer size.  Increasing the buffer size to 256 samples may solve the problem, but if not, you could try 512, or go all the way up to 1,024.


I have set up my external camera/microphone in "Set Up Hardware", but Cyborg Llama isn't using the equipment I've specified for my recordings.

We are aware of a particular problem in the Chrome browser that will sometimes require an extra step to set up your hardware.  Please review the screenshots below to learn how to work around this Chrome bug. The example below shows what to do if your specified camera is not being used to record as expected. 


I’ve done my recording, but the “Processing” bar never progresses to “Click to Save” - what do I do?

If the “Processing” bar never progresses to “Click to Save” this is likely because your Google Drive does not have enough space.  Check your Drive's available storage.  Besides creating a new gmail account for Cyborg Llama use, you can also clear any unsaved takes and cached files from your drive space.  To learn how to delete unsaved takes and cached files safely, please watch the tutorial below:


I’ve recorded and clicked "Click to Save", but the page is stuck on "Loading"


Don't worry!  Once CL reaches the "Loading" screen, your take has saved.  It is safe to restart your browser.

I’m experiencing extremely long loading times.

CL works from your browser and because of this, as with any browser functioning, will experience a degradation of performance the longer it remains open.  You should plan to completely close and restart your browser regularly.  

CL will also run slowly if you have other high-processing applications running simultaneously.  You can improve loading times by closing other applications.  

If neither of these options improves the loading times, restart your computer.

When I double-check the Individual Mode link I want to submit for my assignment it just takes me to an ‘all-reference-track’ page, and my recording isn’t there.  Why is that?


Make sure that you have clicked “Get Assignment Link” and are using that link to submit.  Copying the URL will not link to your assignment.

The metronome is irregular/the videos are abnormally laggy/the audio is abnormally glitchy/other unexpected and abnormal CL experiences.

First, plug in your machine to a power source, if it is not already plugged in. 

If the problem persists, make sure all other applications are closed, including other browser tabs (especially those that deal with media, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc). 

If the problem persists, try restarting your browser. 

If the problem persists, try restarting your computer. 

If the problem persists, reboot your computer (completely shut down and restart). 

If the problem persists, you can "Submit a Problem Report" on the Cyborg Llama app homepage.

Nothing Happens When I Click "Calibrate" on the Mic Calibration Page.

After you click "Calibrate" on the mic calibration page, your browser should ask permission to your microphone and camera.  If this is not happening, your browser is likely having trouble interacting with your microphone. Check to see if your browser will ask for access to your mic in other applications (for example, does it ask for access if you try to use this [make sure to open in the same browser you're using for CL!]).


Please also make sure that your browser is not denied permission to your camera/microphone.  There are two levels at which your browser could be denied permission, sometimes without your knowledge:​

  • Browser Level

    • for directions how to check permissions granted/denied at the browser level, you can google "give [Chrome/Firefox] access​ to camera and microphone"

  • Operating System Level​

    • for directions how to check permissions granted/denied at the OS level, you can google "permission to camera and microphone [Mac/Windows {insert your version of windows here}] OS"​

Finally, please be advised that there are devices on which CL does not work, and will prevent you from calibrating your microphone.  These devices include iPads, surfaces, tablets, and mobile devices.  CL only reliably works on laptops/desktops.


"Sorry, unable to open the file at this time"

The error below can occur when your browser is having trouble figuring out what Google Account you're logged into.  

This error can be frustrating and confusing, especially since YOU are probably quite sure which Google Account you're logged into, so why is your browser having so much trouble??  Especially if you run into this problem often, we recommend setting up a Chrome/Firefox profile to sync with your Cyborg Llama Google Account.  You can start this process by following the directions on the screenshot below

The first screenshot is directions for how to sync Chrome with your Cyborg Llama Google Account:

Below is how to set up Firefox to sync with your Cyborg Llama Google Account:


The "frowny face" error

We are aware of a "frowny face" error occurring in the Chrome browser after the "Get Ready" screen, but before Cyborg Llama actually begins recording.

The "frowny face" can be associated with extension crashes.  If you have any extensions enabled, try disabling them and then trying again.  You will know if you have extensions enabled because they will be visible on the right-hand side of the URL bar.  You will know when the extensions are disabled when you no longer see those icons:

If the error persists after disabling extensions, you can reset Chrome.  Directions how to do this are in screenshots below:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6: