Subscription Pricing


All subscriptions include licensing for you, the primary user,* and a number of secondary users (your collaborators) of your choice. 


(If you are interested in "Institution" subscriptions please go here to check pricing.)

Subscription pricing is in USD:

# of users (2).png


Pricing examples


*Only the primary user can create projects with more than 3 parts and use 'Assign Groups'. 


If you are from an institution and want licensing to cover multiple music teachers/directors who will be creating projects independently, skip to here.

Playing the Trombone

You have

a quartet

As the primary user, you would pay $5 per month (Very Small Plan). 

Your friends are included in the licensing; in other words, their cost is covered in the $5 you paid. 


You can work on an unlimited number of projects during your subscription.


Institution Subscriptions


Institution Subscriptions for schools purchasing licensing for Cyborg Llama on behalf of multiple music teachers.

The "Institution FLEXIBLE Plan" is the largest and most flexible.  It includes 550 total licenses; 50 primary and 500 secondary. 

Read more about the FLEXIBLE plan here.

Institution subscription pricing is in USD:*

# of users (1).png


Pricing examples

Children Singing in a Choir

Purchasing for

10 teachers


5 teachers have no more than 25 students;

5 teachers have no more than 10 students:

You want 5 copies of the Institution "SMALL" plan, and 5 copies of the Institution "VERY SMALL" plan.

$900 total.

*The number of primary users per plan is determined by the quantity of the plan purchased.

Each primary user will have the number of secondary licenses specified by the subscription level to their secondary users.

In other words, purchasing two Institution Very Small Plans covers two primary users, each with 10 secondary users.