If you want more than just a virtual ensemble maker, you've come to the right place.  Cyborg Llama is for collaborating and performing, as well as educating and practicing. 

Check out some of its features:

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Virtual Ensembles

Musicians record directly into the app alongside colleagues, and Cyborg Llama 1) automatically syncs recordings, and 2) knits videos together into a classic virtual 'choir' format. 

Flexible Workflow

Use an automated metronome, upload a piano audio track, create a custom click-track in-app, or record a conductor track.

Easily switch between "reference/seed track" view, and the collaborative workspace.

Mute/Solo other parts of the ensemble while recording or listening back.

Record at your convenience.

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Isolate Difficult Passages

Prepare for rehearsals by segmenting a piece into practice "Passages".  Option to reduce a Passage tempo to work through sections slowly.

Build a Repertoire Library

Store projects and re-share them with as many students as you want.  Anything from "Twinkle" with a teacher play-along and duet track, to a piano reduction of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.

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Export Videos Individually

Ensembles that want the experience of recording alongside one another, but also intend to do video/audio editing in an external editor, can export their videos individually before uploading them (pre-synced) into a video editor.