I'm Interested But Am Not Sure How To Get Started?  Help?

Please watch the Cyborg Llama Primer video below.  It may not answer all your questions, but hopefully it is enough to orient you, and help you feel like you can get started. (SPOILER ALERT:  you can DEFINITELY get started!  We PROMISE it's not too hard :)

Is Cyborg Llama Safe?

Bottom line: yes!  Below is a video to address some common misconceptions about what read permission entails, and what Cyborg Llama's read permission means for you:


I Have Paid for a Subscription - How Do I Access the Full Version of Cyborg Llama? 

Simply go to www.cyborgllama.info and click the 'Log In' button.  You will need to connect to the same google account you used to purchase Cyborg Llama.  


If you notice that you are logged into an email account that is NOT the same as the one with which you purchased Cyborg Llama, you will need to log out and log back in with the correct account.  You can tell which account you are connected to by looking at the "user" button on the info strip at the bottom of the app home screen (shown below): 


Is Cyborg Llama "COPPA" compliant?

Yes!  You can read more about how Cyborg Llama complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 ("COPPA") on our Privacy Policy.


Why does Cyborg Llama require read permission to my drive?

CL is designed purposefully as a collaborative app.  It needs read permission in order to access the work of your collaborators.  Google has reviewed this requirement and has agreed that no better solution exists. If you are interested in learning more, please review Cyborg Llama’s Privacy Policy, available here.

What is Cyborg Llama and What is the Project Folder it Creates in My Google Account Drive?

The video below is meant to explain the function and importance of the Project Folder CL creates for your Google Account Drive whenever you create or collaborate on a new CL project:


How is a Cyborg Llama Licensing Subscription so Inexpensive?

Cyborg Llama is a G Suite App that uses users' google accounts for video storage.  Because users store and maintain their own files, our overhead cost is low.  Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary measures of social-distancing that prevent ensembles from making music, it is important to us that CL be available to any musicians, students, and teachers who find it useful.


What Equipment Do I Need to Use Cyborg Llama?

You and all your collaborators will need:

  1. any laptop or desktop computer (Chromebooks work also, but only on the Chrome browser) (but iPads, tablets, surfaces, and mobile devices do NOT work);

  2. both a camera and microphone accessible by your device (must be either internal or external and connected by wire (wireless will not reliably work);

  3. recent version of either the Firefox or Chrome web browser;

  4. wired headphones (wireless will not reliably work);

  5. google account (gmail or professional/school account serviced by google), which cannot have Family Link enabled.


On What Devices Does Cyborg Llama Work?


Cyborg Llama works on any laptop or desktop computer. 

It will also work on Chromebooks, though Chromebook users must use the Chrome browser.  Cyborg Llama WILL NOT WORK on Firefox on Chromebook. 


It will not work on iPads, tablets, surfaces, or any mobile device.


What's the Deal With Chromebooks? Does Cyborg Llama Work on Chromebooks or Not?


Yes! Cyborg Llama does work on Chromebooks.  The only special step Chromebook users will need to take is to use only the Chrome browser when recording in CL.  Cyborg Llama will not work on the Firefox browser when on a Chromebook.

Can I Connect and Use an External Camera and/or Microphone?

Yes!  You can connect and use external devices on either the Firefox or Chrome browser.  If you would like to use an external device, we suggest you follow the steps in the How to Set Up Hardware tutorial. 


How Do I Log Out and Connect CL to a Different Google Account?

If you would like to connect CL to a google account other than the one to which you are currently connected, you can click the current user account listed on the bottom strip on the app homepage (screenshot below).  Clicking this button will log you out of your google account, and will prompt you to log back in with the account you want.


How Can I Quickly Delete Non-Critical Files and Free Up Storage Space?

As you work in Cyborg Llama, you may notice that Cyborg Llama files are taking up a lot of space in your drive.  You can delete all non-critical files across all your Cyborg Llama projects from within the app. 

Please note that the method described above will only delete files that belong to YOU - your collaborators' files will not be affected.  Please also note that your collaborators' files do not take up any space in your drive.  For a fuller account of what files you can and cannot delete, you can refer to the section of the FAQ directly below, "What Files Can I Delete in My Drive?"


Which Files Can I Delete in My Drive? 

For a full account of all the folders/files in the Project Folder CL creates for your drive, please watch the videos directly above.  For those that just want a quick list of which files you CAN and CANNOT delete, please see below:

It is recommended that you ONLY EVER delete files that YOU own.  Your collaborators' files DO NOT take up space in your own drive.

​ You CANNOT delete:

  1. The 'Performance' file

  2. anything in the 'Parts' folder

  3. anything in the 'Collaborators' folder

Cyborg Llama needs these files in order to function.  Please watch either Garrett or Joelle's videos above for more information on what these files are and their function

You CAN delete:​

  1. any files in the 'Outgoing' folder; these improve loading times, but are not critical to CL's functionality;

  2. any files in the 'Incoming' folder; these are unsaved takes;

  3. files in the main project folder that belong to you, AND you are sure you no longer need; these are your SAVED takes​

  4. the 'UserUse' folder; only users with projects created prior to        8/8/2020 will have a 'UserUse' folder.  This folder is vestigial of the beta version and no longer has any use.


How Many Collaborators Can Be on a Single Project?


The maximum number of collaborators is 200 per single project.  Please note that there is a difference between "collaborators" (people that have access to a project), and "video windows" (the boxes in your final "Hollywood Squares')

How Many Video Windows Can Be in a Single Project?


The number of video windows in your project is only limited by the processing power of your and your collaborators' hardware.  For reference, Joelle's 6+ year-old Lenovo laptop can easily record and run a project with at least 8 video windows.  A friend's 5+ year-old MacBook Pro can easily record and run 11 video windows, and video performance starts to degrade around 15 video windows (though the audio is fine).

Wait a Second!  What's the Point of Having 200 Collaborators but Likely Not Nearly that Many Video Windows?


You can have many more collaborators on a single project than the number of video windows your hardware supports by assigning your collaborators to groups.  Using groups divides collaborators into as many or as few groups as you like to work on a single project.  To learn how to assign groups, you can watch the "How To Assign Groups in a Project" parts I and II on the 'tutorial' page.  From there, you can create 'mega' export videos that combine the separate smaller groups together to make up your whole large ensemble.  You can learn more about how to create a mega export by watching the tutorial "How to Do a Mega Export". 

(Of course you need not keep all your collaborators on a single project; you can make as many projects as you like and assign collaborators as you wish.  The group functionality is just ideal for large ensemble directors creating an assignment for a large group of musicians; instead of creating multiple projects that are duplicates of one another, the director could just divide the single project into multiple groups).

How Can I Play My Exported Video Files? 

Your exported .webm video files should be able to play on any media player application.  However, if you encounter any problems, try using the VLC media player.  You can download this application for free at this link.


What Kind of User Management Does Cyborg Llama Provide?

CL piggy-backs off google drive's user management.  Because of this structure, user management mirrors the features of google drive.  We are working on a 'version 2' now where CL will run through shared drives, which would provide more access controls, such as limiting contributors to 'upload' only, and would prevent users at this level from moving files after upload.  Version 2 will be priced the same as Version 1, though users may need to pay for a G Suite account with shared drives.

Can I Record Audio-Only?


At this time, Cyborg Llama requires both a camera and a microphone to record, and must record both video and audio.  An audio-only recording feature may come at a later time.


How Do I Cancel My Subscription?


You can cancel your subscription through our reseller, Paddle.  The easiest way to do this is refer to the receipt you received after purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription.  Below are screenshots directing you through which links to click after you open your email receipt from Paddle.com:


Why Is It Called "Cyborg Llama"?


Cyborg Llama began as an answer to the iOS app Acapella, and specifically Acapella's iOS-only compatibility.  We began by just trying to make something that both iOS and Android could use.  (Android--> Cyborg; Acapella--> Alpaca--> Llama) = Cyborg Llama.