Your no editing Virtual Ensemble Maker 

Who is Cyborg Llama for?

any musician, any ensemble, any private studio


collaborate with friends down the street or around the world


create entirely within CL or export audio/video for further editing


utilize the many practice tools and student/teacher feedback features


Asynchronous Collaboration Made Easy.

Cyborg Llama is an app that automates asynchronous collaboration on multi-track video/audio recording projects. 


In other words: Instant 'Virtual Choir' - just add musicians.


Cyborg Llama eliminates all video and audio editing necessary to remote ensemble collaborations. All musicians need to do is perform into a laptop or desktop camera and microphone alongside their colleagues and, bada-bing bada-boom, you have your recording.  



How Does Cyborg Llama Work?


Cyborg Llama works on any laptop or desktop computer (it does not work on iPads, tablets, surfaces, or mobile devices) with an accessible camera and microphone through a recent version of either the Firefox or Chrome web browser.  You'll just need wired headphones, and a Google Account without Family Link enabled.

Oh, and you'll need to push the record button.


If you are viewing this website on an iPad, surface, tablet, or mobile device, please switch to a laptop/desktop/chromebook in order to try the app free.



What Does Cyborg Llama Cost?


Cyborg Llama is FREE forever to use the free version.

Pricing for the full version:

The project creator pays for licensing that covers all their collaborators for an unlimited number of projects.

$5/month for up to 10 users (not including you)

$10/month for up to 25 users (not including you)

$20/month for up to 50 users (not including you)

$30/month for up to 75 users (not including you)


*NOTE: yearly subscriptions also available*

For a full listing of all subscription levels and pricing, as well as examples of how pricing works, go HERE.

Can I See Cyborg Llama Work?

demo of performance:
piece performed is an excerpt of an arrangement of Ode to Joy (arr. Manookian/Arnhold)
demo of performance:
piece performed is an excerpt from York Bowen's Viola Quartet
demo of educational features (part I):
demo of educational features (part II):


Who We Are

We are the brother/sister creators of Cyborg Llama.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the USA in March 2020, Joelle needed to find a way to move her youth orchestras online.  Finding no satisfactory option that would continue to support young musicians in ensemble-skill acquisition, she complained to Garrett. 

Garrett made Cyborg Llama.

Since then, not only have Joelle's orchestras (ages 6-14) used CL to learn and prepare ensemble repertoire, but also conservatory students, university faculty, freelance musicians, and members of professional orchestras have used Cyborg Llama to make music. 

Joelle is a violist and teacher who lives with a hermit crab in Maryland.  Garrett is a developer and lives in Washington with two cats.

What People are Saying

Cyborg Llama is easy, efficient, fun, and rewarding.  It's true:

"I think it's really fun to get to be in an orchestra while in quarantine and be able to use an app like this to make it easier! I also love playing my viola with other people"

CK, orchestra student

"Cyborg Llama is awesome! It's super easy to use and my kid really likes being able to play along with the teacher track. When it's time for him to make his own recording, he can have as many tries as he likes. As a parent, I love that I don't have to be involved in his practice/recording--he's 8 and can do it 100% on his own. Yay!"

"Cyborg Llama is an intuitive learning tool which my 12 year old finds easy to use. The practice mode allows her to keep trying until she perfects the piece. The individual mode gives her the opportunity to record and playback the music and evaluate how it blends with the other pre-recorded work. Overall an excellent tool for all musicians."

SV, orchestra parent

"Recording and remote collaborating is quick and easy!"

Mark Janello, faculty Peabody Conservatory

"I think Cyborg Llama is super easy to use. You can listen back to yourself in Practice Mode and easily correct your mistakes.  It sounds awesome when everything is put together and it's super fun"

SK, orchestra student

"This app makes remote collaboration easy and accessible. It also works seamlessly with external microphones so that you can easily use the app for casual and professional projects alike."

Gavon Peck, freelance violist

"CL is an amazing app which gives musicians of all ages the opportunity to enjoy the experience of orchestra at the convenience of their homes"

LN, orchestra parent


Be in Touch

email us with your questions

*NOTE: for troubleshooting help requests, please post to the Cyborg Llama Forum.  We cannot guarantee adequate tech support for problems submitted via the form below*

IF YOU ARE STUCK IN AN 'AUTHENTICATION LOOP' and are unable to successfully access CL, please refer to the 'authentication loop' section of the troubleshooting page.

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