1. The email address you use to purchase these subscriptions MUST BE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT address 

2. It may take up to 1 hour from the time of purchase for licensing to be conferred.

3. You will be able to access your licensed version of CL by going to and clicking "Log In". You must log in with THE SAME Google Account with which you used to purchase the subscription.

4. If, after 1 hour from the time of purchase, your license still displays as "free", please log out and back in.  Directions how to do this can be found here.

5. After receiving your Institution License, you will need to confer licensing to your teachers.  Tutorial how to do this is HERE, as well as on the tutorial page of the website.

How "Institution" Subscriptions Work:


"Institution" subscriptions are meant for schools or other institutions who intend for multiple music directors/teachers to use Cyborg Llama, and want to simplify their billing down to a single payment.

The "Institution FLEXIBLE Plan" is the largest and most flexible.  It includes 550 total licenses; 50 primary* and 500 secondary.** 

Please read more about the FLEXIBLE plan here.


For all other "Institution" plans besides the FLEXIBLE plan, the quantity of plans purchased is the number of primary users for whom you are purchasing.  Please refer to the examples below if you would like more information regarding appropriate circumstances under which to purchase an institution plan.


  • You are an administrator purchasing CL for 10 different primary users.  Each primary user will have no more than 50 secondary users each.  You'd probably want the "Institution FLEXIBLE Super Plan", and plan on giving each of your 10 primary users 5 licenses each ($1,500 total).  This is compared to 10 copies of the Institution MEDIUM Plan ($2,400 total) which would also fill your need.

  • You are purchasing CL for 10 different primary users.  If 5 directors have no more than 25 students, and 5 directors have no more than 10 students, you would purchase 5 copies of the 'Institution SMALL Super Plan', and 5 copies of the 'Institution VERY SMALL Super Plan' ($900 total)

More about the "FLEXIBLE" Plan:


The FLEXIBLE Plan is for institutions that want licensing to cover many or all of their teachers and students.  This Plan may be cheaper than purchasing multiples of the other Institution subscriptions.  It may also be a good choice for institutions that might not know exactly which teachers will be using CL, OR might not know how many students are divided between teachers.

This plan includes a total of 550 licenses; 50 primary licenses, and 500 secondary licenses.  As an administrator, you will be able to confer licensing to 50 primary users.  Each primary user will then be able to confer licensing to up to 10 secondary users.

In the case that you have a primary user that will need more than 10 secondaries, you can confer a 2nd primary license so that primary user would then have 20 secondary licenses to confer.


  • Teacher A has 10 students.  Teacher A will need 1 of your 50 available primary licenses.

  • Teacher B has 20 students.  Teacher B will need 2 of your 49 remaining primary licenses.


If 50 primaries and 500 secondaries is not enough to cover your whole institution, you may purchase multiple copies of this plan to scale up in blocks of 50 primaries and 500 secondaries.  In other words, purchasing 2 copies of the FLEXIBLE plan will allow you 100 primaries and 1,000 secondaries, 3 copies will allow 150 primaries and 1,500 secondaries, etc.  If you need to scale up from one FLEXIBLE plan, but not so much as by multiples of the same, you can combine with other Institution subscriptions.

*primary users can create projects with more than 3 parts, and use "Assign Groups".  Primary users are normally teachers.

**secondary users have access to the full version of CL, except they can only create projects with 3 or fewer parts, and cannot use "Assign Groups".  Secondary users are usually students.